'Guideline: How to build base stations' ("Leitfaden Senderbau")

Compiled by eight Austrian authors who in the last years have been criticizing wireless technologies as being detrimental and even dangerous to health, this guideline describes a 'participation model' based on the so-called Salzburg precautionary value. The Austrian operator´s association  FMK has identified several main points of concern in this 'guideline':

  • The promotion of an immission limit of 1 mW/m² despite proof that modern mobile networks cannot function at levels this low (cf. measurement campain by the Swiss BAKOM in Salzburg 2002; www.bakom.admin.ch)
  • Austrian measurement standards for EMF measurements are neglected
  • The scientific rationale for other than iCNRIP immission limits is solely based on 'negative' studies some of which are even being described as 'not relevant'
  • The brochure gives the impression of being an 'official document' by the authorities which is misleading – it has to be stressed that the brochure is a recommendation by private persons
  • Similar voluntary participation models have been employed successfully by the operators over almost 20 years of network rollout (e.g. Mobile Phone Pacts with some Federal States)

The brochure has been removed from some homepages with direct affiliation to the authors. Any existing copies are therefore obsolete.

The Rollout Guideline by the FMK can be found here www.senderbau.fmk.at