EMF Limits in Austria

Austria has imposed the WHO/ICNIRP limits for the protection of the general public from radiofrequency EMF without any deviation from the recommendations by the WHO, ICNIRP and EU Council.

Any claims that there are stricter limits than ICNIRP in Austria are false.

 The above mentioned claims refer to the so-called 'Salzburg Milliwatt' of 1 mW/m² (as compared to 4.5 W/m² or 10 W/m², depending on the radio frequency of mobile telecommunications, as defined by ICNIRP). The 'Salzburg Milliwatt' is not a legally binding framework in Austria. Even the council of the City of Salzburg itself has publicly stated that this value does not exist (Salzburger Nachrichten, 22.4.2005)

The Austrian operators have always maintained that it is not possible to build a nation-wide network coverage – especially in urban areas under the restriction of a value at the level of the 'Salzburg Milliwatt'. Several measurement series are proof to that (e.g. the measurement campaign in the City of Salzburg that was conducted by the Swiss Government  (http://www.bakom.admin.ch/dokumentation/medieninformationen/00471/index.html?lang=en&msg-id=1780) ).

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