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    Find a place

    In the search field ("Zip code or city"), the postcode or the name of the municipality or the village, and then click the Search button.

    Tip: You can enter just the first way first letter of the town. Select and hold the left mouse button on a rectangular area of the map. Map Zoom in and out

    Use the zoom buttons plus and minus in the map window to the map and zoom out. You can also get common scale fields by scrolling to the scale bar. They can also increase accordingly by clicking on the button with the magnifying glass and then drawing a rectangle in the map the selected map. Move map section By using the arrows with the symbols for up, down, left and right, they can move the map. They can also be changed by clicking on the button with the hand symbolized and then moving the map in the map window the map accordingly. Due to the amount of data, the location of radio equipment are displayed in the map until a scale of 1:30000. This means you have to look for a place or zoom the map to the locations and data points to see.

    The locations of radio equipment and measuring points on the map with the symbols (blue for measuring point, turquoise for mobile, purple for radio) will be displayed. If you hover the mouse over an icon, then in the info box next to the map window displays the appropriate information.

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